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Simple electronic radio amateur QSO logbook.

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This site is created and is developing on my enthusiasm and with my money.


Setting of mailing for nonregistered users: You can connect or disconnect the receiving of QSL-cards or messages from the administrator of this site.

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For registered amateur radio tuning is not necessary to do.
If you are not a member and want to configure your QSL-mailing. To do this, enter in the appropriate fields below your call and e-mail address and click "customize". System will send you an email with two links. Mozheli you opt out of receiving QSL-cards from this site or allow you to send QSL-app by clicking on the link of this letter. Please treat with understanding to such a procedure as Only such a way to set up 100% to protect you from unauthorized Changes your setting by others.

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This site is created and is developing on my enthusiasm and with my money. If you like it, press the button "Pay" and transfer any sum for the future development of this site. Make Donation

For what it's done?
The main purpose of creating the Logbook RV6AMZ is simplicity and the ability to run it from any place on earth, and from any operating system without any additional settings and programs. The second - there are a lot of Russian-speaking radio amateurs in Russia and the former Soviet Union countries (and not only in these countries), who do not speak English. For this reason, "chat" with such servers as a eQSL, LoTW becomes practically impossible for them, and these servers are focused mainly on the DXCC. There are a lot of interesting Awards in Russia and I would like to make a system that could be of interest to the organizers and to attract attention of radio amateurs.

Logbook features:

  • The Logbook works with any Browser - Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox , etc .;
  • When entering the next QSO the date and time is input automatically, depending on the time zone;
  • You can select the time zone (local time or UTC) or the date and time to be entered manually;
  • Permanent display of the last 15 contacts. This number can be changed if desired;
  • It is possible to add a comment and comfortable viewing of these comments when looking through QSO;
  • Search QSO by date and time, call sign or other conditions;
  • Automatic saving of QSO into the database immediately after its entering;
  •  Added the function of viewing radio amateur data "on the fly", i.e. without hitting "Enter" key;
  •  There is a button to show all the QSOs conducted with the call sign;
  •  You can edit or delete entries in the Logbook;
  • Storage of all entries is made on the server and there is a possibility of its additional copy on any medium;
  •  The Logbook is available without any additional software when using the log on the site. You just need only Internet access.
  •  Added the ability to maintain separate log for contests;
  •  You can edit or delete entries in the Logbook;
  •  Added the ability to view the entire log and output it to the printer;
  • Added the function to send QSL-cards via email;
  • Saving the backup log file on your computer;
  • Export / import log format *.adif;
  • Export the log in Cabrillo contest format;
  • The selection of image QSL-cards has been added to the personal account;
  • New - Verification of fulfilling the Award projects (item of menu "Awards").

The concept of the module of sending QSL-cards has been changed. Now shipping without prior request will be made only to correspondents, registered on this site. Unregistered radio amateurs will be first sent a request for permission to send their QSL-cards. Sending to them begins only after the request is confirmed. After sending a report is generated which can be viewed online or downloaded if desired.

If you’ve got any questions or you’ve found any mistakes or misprints, please contact us at: rv6amz@mail.ru or in the item: "Reviews".

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