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To open your Logbook to enter new QSO You need to log in.

To enter Logbook you need to log in or register. Registration on the site is not complicated and it takes only a few minutes. Use your callsign as login, such as I have RV6AMZ, and password - any combination of letters and numbers at least 8 characters, like on any other site.

To register, click on the link on the left "Log in" and select the "Register" in the window that appears. Having filled in the required fields, click on "Sign up" button.

You will receive a message stating that to your address an email was sent a confirmation code. Check your email, click the link provided and that’s all. You can use the Logbook.

If you are logged in but your Log is empty and the next QSO enter fails, then the account has been blocked. The reason you can find out by contacting the administrator of the site here.

To view the log features without registering, you can enter demo version of the Logbook with the login demo and password demo.
This log is created and developed on my personal enthusiasm and funding, and if you liked it, register and list any sum of money on its development.

If you have questions that you can not find an answer then inquire them in the feedback form or write to admin@rv6amz.ru.