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Мое фотоI am Ivanets Alexandr, born in 1961, an electronic engineer, a regular officer. I served in the USSR Armed Forces from 1978 to 1991. In the period from 1987 to 1988 I was in Afghanistan as part of the 40th Army. I am now a senior lecturer at the University Center of computer training "Turbo" in Maikop.

I received my first callsign UI8BFR in 1987 in Tashkent. Now I work with the callsign RV6AMZ. I began to work on air on radio "Angara" converted to the lower sideband (up to 10W output power). I managed to work on it from Tashkent and made QSOs with almost all countries of the "old world" and continents. Then I made all-bands HF transceiver with one transformation of my own design, reversing units, crystal filters in the inverter and the power output of 25 Watts. With its help all continents and almost all countries were "discovered", a number of certificates were made. I did not hunt DX specially but there was a lot of interesting QSOs with different people, special stations and expeditions. I have been working in IT sector since 1991.

In recent years, I have created the "engine" - a content management system CMS-Lite AlSoft, a new version of which you can download free of charge here. Sites in Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan works on this engine (well ... that's what I know for sure). From the very beginning of the work in the field of computer technology I made different versions of electronic hardware logbooks. There were two not very successful version of the log under DOS and Windows. The third version, in my opinion, more successful attempt, you can see on this site. It uses the latest advances of Internet technologies, Web-design and Web-based programming.

P.S. The site is translated into English by Alexander Studenikin, RV6ACC.

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