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Mostly asked questions:

  For detailed instructions on working with the Logbook can be downloaded or viewed here in the format *.doc или *.pdf.

Where and how you I can download the log in ADIF format?

There is a small picture "man" in the Main menu, to the right. This is the entrance to your Personal account. ~~> There are buttons to load or unload the logs.

Where is Personal Account and how to get there?

There is a small picture "man" in the Main menu, to the right. This is the entrance to your Personal account. . ~~>

Why do not the awards come, although the system reports that it was sent?

This can happen when you try to get many awards at once in a very short time (within 10-15 minutes, the time is approximate). The reason for this is the anti-spam policy of servers on the Internet.           

When you send from one address to another a lot of letters of about the same content, and this is what happens when you try to get all the awards right away.The system sends each awards in a separate letter. When you receive 10 awards you should receive 10 identical letters from my site, only the pictures will be different in them. The server starts to think that an attempt is being made to send spam and at the very last moment blocks these sendings. As a result, the site thinks that the awards sent and tells you about it, but in fact the letters disappear.

The easiest way - the button "check conditions", do not click all the awards at once on one day. Better click them 1-2 times a day, awards do not have legs, or where they will not run away from you.

Why do I see the wrong time?

Most likely you have entered the wrong zone time (the difference between local time and UTC). It is possible to change in the Personal Account.

During registering I have accidentally deleted a link from your mail, what to do?

Nothing terrible has happened. Just go to re-registration procedure without error.

Why does not sends everyone my QSL cards?

QSL cards can only be sent to the correspondent who is registered in the log or located in the supplementary list. The system can not guess by itself which recipient's e-mail address or read minds from a distance and find out his address.

I hope you understand this. To solve this problem, I created a new opportunity. To send QSL to unregistered amateurs need use the Web page "Search". It is described in detail here.

QSL-cards come without pictures or just only a blank image, why?

The problem with most e-mail programs and services has been resolved.
I checked out the main mail servers and programs, such as Yandex.ru, Rambler.ru, Gmail.com, Mail.ru.
Other places I have not checked, since they are rarely used. You are free to check their work. Now QSL-cards usually come all servers except Rambler.ru.

P.S. The finalization of the Logbook is ongoing and all the problems will be solved over time.

Not all values are ??filled in the QSL- cards, how to fill?

Those data which is needed to fill QSL-cards that you did not enter during the registration or entered incorrectly can be added or changed in the Personal Account ~~> .

Can I save a backup copy of my Logbook on my computer?

Yes, you can. Save the log in your own format, export / import to .adif format, delete the records from the Logbook (complete removal for overwriting the loaded log by mistake). All this is in the Personal Account.
Enter your Personal Account ~~> . There are needed buttons down the page of Personal Account.

Can I put your banner button to my site and how?
Yes, you can. The code below insert to the place where you want to insert a banner button like this.

The buttons’s code:
<a href="http://rv6amz.ru">
  <img src="http://rv6amz.ru/images/bann_link.gif" alt="Radio Amateur Logbook RV6AMZ" border=0 width=88 height=31 />

2017-02-05 20:11:27
Здравствуйте Александр.Мной не получены дипломы Адыгея,Граница России 2,3 ст,Работал с Южной границей 1,2,3 ст,Старый свет,Работал со странами где случались взрывы ядерных реакторов.В почту они не пришли,в папке спам их тоже нет.
2017-02-01 20:53:21
Юрий (RA4PIS)
Проверьте папку спам, может туда дипломы попали.
2017-02-01 20:51:27
Сергей, проверьте еще раз, я посмотрел ваш лог, диплом вы получить можете, система проверила ваш лог и условия диплома "Старый свет" засчитала. Получайте дипломю
2017-02-01 18:35:24
Здравствуйте.Были сформированы дипломы:Старый свет,Работал с Южной Россией,Граница России,Адыгея,были сообщения что дипломы отправлены на электронную почту,но они не пришли.В чем проблема?
2017-02-01 11:09:20
Почему не выдаётся диплом"Старый свет"? пишет что нет связи с Африкой... но 29,10,2013 есть QSO с Египтом.
2017-01-17 14:52:58
Immediately send all QSL-cards you can't. And do not need it to do. If you try to send all, it will be a lot of repetitions. For example, one HAM can get up to 100 QSL cards from you. He need as many QSL cards? In this case, his Email would have many Mb of unnecessary information. And for server is a very large job. So I restricted the number sent QSL cards. And also, QSL cards are not sent immediately. System, if it finds the email, it only sends the request. She asks permission to send your QSL card. If HAM allows, then you can send QSL.

And thanks for the tip - "Remind me password"
2017-01-17 11:39:28
One more question - i want to send ALL my electronic qsl but when i try to see ALL the log and mark them as send qsl the server give me error message 414 Request-URI Too Large How can i send them ? Can you do it please for me from your server access ??? Best 73 Apostolos
2017-01-17 11:33:43
Yes you have right my friend. I more comment - when someone try to enter and forget the password must push the button remember password . If possible change it to Remind me password because remember password make confusion and user think that this button save password . The correct is Remind me password. I hope again to help a little . The site is great and lot of people tell me very positive comments about the award hunting system .
2017-01-17 08:31:20
RDA is not only in Russian. This parameter is in the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. I can't write "Only for Russia". You can in the personal Cabinet in this field, just put the space character. Then the system will no longer display unnecessary messages in the log.
2017-01-15 21:50:47
Also the RDA box say change, if You do not have a RDA . Is better to make it << ONLY FOR RUSSIANS - Leave it blank if you dont have RDA nr.>>
2017-01-15 21:48:13
Hello dear Alexander This site like me very much and i really hope to help you. Now i spot something else... On the English personall account the word name is now on Russian имя
2017-01-15 20:44:03
Ok, I understand you. The button has already changed the inscription. Thanks, you always give the right advice.
2017-01-15 16:22:57
Also small mistake on Work with Your logs area - in personal data page . There is 5 buttons in the bottom of the page . The Nr. 4 button label (from left to right) say Download adif copy log - This button is to UPLOAD the adif copy log to the server so you must change the label in : Upload your Adif log to the server.
2017-01-15 16:15:54
Hello my friend Yes all work perfectly - I get them all and many thanks for all your time . The google email also have you on spam but when i add you on my contacts and declare the email as NOT spam download the images !!! I think the best idea is to change the system and download the awards via browser on site. This is good because for example on the awards have only my 1st name Apostolos and my call but i wish to test it and see how will look the award if write Apostolos Bourousis SV1EDY... The email system will make you many troubles i believe my friend . Also if my mailer is full with emails i lost award and no chance to automatic download again . The best is open in new window the award or to have the chance for unlimited download . Again my best 73 and many many thanks for all .
2017-01-15 07:30:56
You downloaded the blank QSL cards. Did you get the picture? Or also just message without a picture?
2017-01-15 07:18:08
Hello Apostolos.
I replaced your email on the website.
Errors on the site will fix, thanks for the tip.
Good luck.
2017-01-15 00:20:09
I try to change my email: a) I change my email in my personal data page b) I go to my new email page and find this email: Change of email Inbox admin@rv6amz.ru 11:10 PM (5 minutes ago) to me Hello SV1EDY. You received this email, as initiated change your e-mail address on the website http://rv6amz.ru . If You don't want to change the e-mail, so it tries to make someone else. In this case, just ignore this email and delete it. Activation e-mail and need to confirm Your email address. To confirm the activation, click the link: http://rv6amz.ru/reg2_mail.php?code=UizGA4iYycim1j&call=SV1EDY&e_mail=abour1971@gmail.com DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL as IT is GENERATED AUTOMATICALLY BY THE SYSTEM. Admin. c) I click on the link and the system reply to me : Ошибка!!! (не совпадает позывной, код или еще что-то) The email still the old in my personall page data... What i make wrong.... Best 73s Your friend Apostolos SV1EDY After
2017-01-15 00:15:01
Hello again my friend Thank you very much for answer. Yes problem is Yahoo.gr - i make new account abour1971@gmail.com - I cannot change online my mail - Please change my email if possible to abour1971@gmail.com Sorry for all problems Best 73 Apostolos SV1EDY
2017-01-14 11:22:19
Hello Apostolos.

The problem in your Email. Your mail server is yahoo.gr . Setup this server does not allow to take pictures from my website. The easiest way to rectify the situation is to create yourself an Email to another server, for example Gmail.com or Mial.ru.

Thank you for your comments regarding the website. I take them under advisement.

Your awards, I will send you soon.
2017-01-14 09:17:02
Hello again dear friend from here . This is fantastic idea and congratulations !!! I try to work with site but i have few problems . a) I order few awards - i receive email but only text - no award inside b) I try to upload my log with 18000 contacts - finally separate in 18 smaller logs because server reply file is too large if more than 1000 contacts... c) Try to change my email address - not possible - receive confirmation email - click the link but no change . Also the message on confirmation email was not translated to English d) I try to confirm my contacts and send the electronic qsls - when select all the server respond 414 Request-URI Too Large e) The selection button (TO ALL) at the end of the log is not button and not change the color . f) I want to send donation but no paypal link. This is what i see till now - i am sure that you make all the changes and log will work ok. Please reset my call so be able to download my awards . I thinkk is good idea to download any time you wish the award and not only 1 time . My best 73 DSW Apostolos SV1EDY
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